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LMa tiek aicināta uz “37. Āzijas-Klusā okeāna māsu un medicīnas samitu”, 20-21 oktobris, 2017 Osakā, Japānā sadarboties, dalīties jaunu ideju radīšanā un zināšanu  apmaiņā.

Greetings from Asia Nursing 2017!!

We are happy to bring to your notice regarding the “37th Asia-Pacific Nursing and Medicare Summit”, October 20-21, 2017 Osaka, Japan.

We cordially invite “Latvian Nurses Association ” to collaborate with us for this Conference. We wish to share with you the excitement and ideas for creation and exchange of knowledge and information in the scientific field through our Conference. In order to make our conference successful, participation from great association like yours is very much required.

I would like to briefly update you the collaboration benefits:-

  • Media visibility through our Website, Conference, Journals and E-books webpage.
  • Access to our members, speakers, delegates of the Congress.
  • Helping to increase your Membership through the participation of our respected associated scientists and researchers.
  • Display logos on event paraphernalia and areas around the event space as required.
  • Opportunity to showcase and demonstrate your services in our events.
  • Special Group Waivers to your staffs and students to attend our events.
  • Opportunity to organize a workshop at any of our events.
  • Discounts on publishing research articles of the society staff and researchers in our respective journals.
  • We can advertise every fundraising event organized by you through every conference we organize along with complete media visibility through our conference Webpages.

For further details regarding the conference, PS:

To download our Conference Brochure, PS:

We are looking forward to a positive response and a long-lasting scientific relationship.

Please do not hesitate to contact or mail me for any further assistance.

Thanks & Regards
Harikanth P

Program Director | Asia Nursing 2017

+1-702-508-5200 Ext: 8046

One Commerce Center-1201| Wilmington Zip 19899|Delaware|USA