Nursing and Midwifery LeadershipTuesday, 11 October 2022

WHO’s Nursing and Midwifery Global Community of Practice invites you to the webinar:
The Best of Both:
Creating Gender Equity in Nursing and Midwifery Leadership
Tuesday, 11 October 2022
15.00 - 16.15 CEST
Time Zone AdjustmentInterpretation in French and Spanish provided
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Elizabeth Iro 
Chief Nursing Officer
World Health Organization
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The Chief Nursing Office at the World Health Organization has established a Global Community of Practice for Nursing and Midwifery. This is a virtual network that will offer forums for discussion and learning with experts about issues that matter to nurses, midwives and to the health of our communities. It has 3 main objectives:To support an international community of nurses and midwives to build strategies towards achieving universal health coverageTo develop compassionate leaders who are powerful and inspirational agents for changeTo create opportunities to develop sustainable high quality health care systems that are evidence based and data driven
Its vision is better health for all, by building a vibrant community where nurses and midwives are inspired and motivated to collaborate, engage and work together in order to meet the World Health Organization triple billion targets by 2030.

If you would like to join the WHO Nursing and Midwifery Global Community of Practice, please sign up via the link: